With a long history of protecting NFL players, the NFLPA now takes its reach online and on social media for former and current players through its partnership with K2 Intelligence.

The NFLPA is teaming up with K2 Intelligence, an industry-leading investigative compliance and cyber defense services firm, to ensure players’ cyber safety and security.  The new intelligence and cybersecurity solutions are designed specifically with NFL players, past and present, in mind to create awareness and understanding of their online and social media “footprint,” helping players manage their social media risks and related cyber issues and aggressively respond to potential problems. 

We are enthusiastic to make this state of the art cybersecurity solution package available to NFLPA members and their families to stay secure and to help with problems as they occur. We're proud to partner with K2 Intelligence and we are confident that they can deliver services to help protect our players and their families.

Tim Christine, NFLPA Security Operations Director

The NFLPA continues to keep players’ best interest in mind with this partnership.  With K2 Intelligence’s customized solutions players and their families will be more secure, and continue to maintain control of their social media accounts and electronic devices.

K2 Intelligence Social Media Intelligence, Monitoring and Risk Mitigation helps to:

  • Provide confidential and immediate incident response services if a problem occurs in order to quickly identify the issue and resolve or mitigate the problem
  • Monitor accounts and personal devices to inform members what they do not know about their online data and if others have accessed their accounts; and
  • Educate NFLPA members about what they should know about their online activities.

NFLPA members or their families can learn more about these services by visiting K2 Intelligence at www.k2intelligence.com/nflpa.  A video describing the importance of these services can also be found there.

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