Two former NFL players stepped up in a huge way yesterday to support My Brother’s Keeper Success Mentors Initiative, a program aiming to reduce chronic student absenteeism across the country. Chronic student absenteeism or missing ten percent of school days in the school year is a leading cause of low achievement and a powerful predictor of which students will eventually drop out school. By high school, absences are a better indicator of student drop-out than test scores.

Former NFL tight end Robert Royal and former NFL defensive back Clifton Crosby showed support for this important program by visiting the White House yesterday as 20 new communities joining this groundbreaking initiative were announced. Robert and Clifton spent one on one time with the students present at the event, discussing the importance of mentorships and school attendance. The two former NFL players even took over the U.S. Department of Education Snapchat. See some of the fun Robert and Clifton had while supporting this powerful message and initiative on Snapchat here.

Robert and Clifton were joined by NBA superstar Kevin Durant, who spoke on the importance of mentorships and how mentors can drive success in school and in life. Kevin spoke with the two former NFL players about player issues across both sports and the importance of being a role model as a professional athlete.

Robert and Clifton have experienced success on and off the field. Now, for these two former NFL players, supporting and mentoring the next generation is their new goal. 

View the original press release from The White House.

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