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For Moritz Böhringer, the process was still a little bit overwhelming. On the first day of the 22nd annual NFLPA Rookie Premiere, the German-born wide receiver was standing in a full uniform and pads waiting to get a 3-D body scan of himself for a future figurine. The only one of the 40 players in attendance hailing from overseas, Böhringer is still getting acclimated to life in the United States – as well as pro football. The thought of being scanned to create a toy of himself was taking time to process.

His unique size – he’s 6-foot-4 – and skill set make him an intriguing prospect for the upcoming season. But his ability to reach international markets may make him one of the most interesting players in this rookie class. He sat down with NFLPA to talk about his first interaction with the business side of life as a pro football player:

NFLPA: Being the only international player invited to Rookie Premiere, do you see yourself as a pioneer for other players with pro aspirations?

Böhringer: That’s the goal. To hopefully grow everything and get more people interested in the game. I hope that maybe somebody sees me here and sees that it’s possible to make it.  I would hope that would happen.

NFLPA: What’s it like to be a part of the international growth of the game?

Böehringer: It’s very fun. I never thought that I would be such a part of something like this, but it’s very interesting.


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NFLPA: How much has the game of football grown since you were a kid? Are more people becoming interested?

Böhringer:  It’s definitely growing. There are teams in Germany now that a lot of people come to watch. The play is very good, too. It’s definitely growing bigger – especially after German TV started airing NFL games. Last year, they aired two games on German television, so people really watched it and can now follow it more closely.

NFLPA: Have you thought about the impact you might have as an international player like yourself might have as a marketing entity?

Böhringer: I didn’t really know about all of this on the business side of everything. It is exciting, though. Stuff like this is not really a big deal over in Europe, so it is fun to see all of this. It’s all very eye-opening. I’m enjoying it a lot and learning, too.

NFLPA: Since it’s not really a big deal in Europe, is it fortunate to have an event like this to learn more?

Böhringer: It’s very good to see what’s happening for players. The importance of building your brand and making the most of things has been really helpful for me. I just didn’t think about it, but now at least I know more and can hopefully do more things.

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