– Coyne Advertising Providing Print and Digital Creative for New Campaign to Unite Players and Businesses and Grow NFLPA’s Group Licensing Program –
WASHINGTON D.C, Sept. 15, 2016 – The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) today announced the launch of its new “Find Yours” advertising campaign to highlight the off-the-field interests and talents of its players. The NFLPA print and digital campaign, designed to help mesh the colorful and varied personalities of the more than 2,000 players the NFLPA represents, is the first of its kind for a professional sports player’s union.
“Each player has a personality with interests that are of value to all kinds of businesses. This campaign serves to marry players with companies looking to do business with some of the most influential athletes in the country as well as attract new licensees for the NFLPA’s group licensing program,” said Steve Scebelo, Vice President of Licensing and Business Development at NFL Players Inc., the licensing and marketing arm of the NFLPA.
New York Giants running back (entrepreneur) Rashad Jennings and Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman (mathematician) John Urschel are among the first of the multifaceted players featured, showcasing just what makes them unique in the eyes of brands looking to gain an edge in their marketing strategies.
“To be a part of something like this is a great opportunity,” Jennings said. “It shows people that we’re more than just football players. That we can have an impact in the business community, and be a part of something greater.”
Coyne Advertising created the NFLPA’s new print and digital effort. With more than 2,000 players in nearly every major media market, the campaign’s tagline – “There’s an NFL player for every business. Find yours.” – is the perfect fit.
“People always want to get to know players. This campaign allows you more access to the players’ personality off the field,” said Rob Schnapp, Executive Creative Director for Coyne Advertising. “By breaking down that barrier, we believe the NFLPA’s message can make some relevant noise.”
As part of the campaign, the NFLPA provides businesses with expert consultation for a wide range of budgets, further honing the capability to match players’ personalities and interests to a specific brand.
Coyne’s award-winning advertising team, based in New York and New Jersey, has collectively created national and international integrated campaigns for major brands including V8 Juices, Goldfish Crackers, Dannon Yogurt, Mucinex, Fisher-Price Toys and Pella Windows, among others. Their experience includes major TV campaigns, including Super Bowl commercials, as well as print, radio, outdoor and online advertising.
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