Posted 3/6/2017

Contract Advisor Brian Brundage's certification suspension upheld

In Memory of Ed Garvey

Posted 2/22/2017

Ed Garvey, who served as the union's first executive director, passed away Wednesday at the age of 76. Here are the NFLPA's statements on one of the pioneering figures in our 60-year history.

NFLPA Externship Marks Its Fourth Year with Expanded Program

Posted 2/13/2017

A record 41 players begin three-week program at 15 companies across the country

The Importance of Workers Comp & Facts about Senate Bill 12

Posted 2/8/2017

The NFL Players Association has become aware of a letter circulated by team owners that suggests the pending legislation targeting the workers’ compensation of Illinois professional athletes is “no big deal.”  First, and foremost, if it wasn’t a big deal, there would hardly be the need for new legislation that only targets professional athletes.  

2017 NFLPA Externship Rewind

Posted 3/8/2017

Players wrap up this year's #NFLPAExternship

2017 Black History Month

Posted 2/23/2017

The NFLPA celebrates Black History Month by saying thank you to these 10 African-American pioneers, whose courage and service helped make our union what it is today.

Leading Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Pro Athletes Headline "The Rise of the Quantified Athlete" Forum at Harvard University

Posted 2/14/2017

Harvard Innovation Labs, together with Sports Innovation Lab and the OneTeam Collective business accelerator, will explore the future of sports technology in a series of panels at the Rise of the Quantified Athlete Forum on Friday, February 17 at the Harvard Innovation Labs on the campus of Harvard University.

NFLPA Visits L.A. City Fire Department 66

Posted 2/10/2017

While in Los Angeles for the sixth annual NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, NFL players visit one of region's most respected fire stations.

The Biggest Show on Television Meets The Big Game

Posted 2/4/2017

Just in time for the Big Game, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has released a special-edition digital card set featuring “zombie-fied” NFL players from the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, and more.