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Steve Beuerlein: Catching Up with Former Player Reps

During his 17 years in the league, Steve Beuerlein helped the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl XXVII victory and was selected to the 1999 Pro Bowl while with the Carolina Panthers. The quarterback set almost every passing record with the Panthers during his six seasons with the club, most of which still stand today. He also spent four seasons as a player representative while in Carolina, an experience he reflects on with us.

Q: What is your current career?

A: The two primary things I’m focused on are I’ve been doing color commentary for the NFL and CBS – this will be my 14th or 15th year doing it. I am also a commercial insurance broker with Marsh, we’re the largest commercial insurance broker in the world.

Q: How would you describe your experience leaving the game?

A: I think initially, I would say it went very smoothly. I played 17 years, and I really felt like it was time to walk away. I think I could have gotten another year or two if I really wanted to push it, but I think I was ready at the time. 

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Why an NFL Player Who Retired to Pursue a PhD at MIT Chose to Live on $25,000 a Year

By Kathleen Elkins, CNBC

John Urschel had a short but lucrative, NFL career. The offensive lineman, who retired at age 26 in 2017 to pursue his PhD at MIT, earned $1.8 million over his three seasons with the Baltimore Ravens.

His salary was as high as $600,000 in 2016, but Urschel never lived like he was making six figures. In fact, he did the opposite.

"I drive a used hatchback Nissan Versa and live on less than $25,000 a year," the athlete wrote on The Players' Tribune in 2015.

Urschel bought the Nissan after he was drafted by the Ravens in 2014. It cost him $9,000, just a fraction of his $144,560 signing bonus. Even his mom has joked about the Versa, which had 30,000 miles on it when Urschel bought it:

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Book Release: “I Am Underdog: A Journey of Adversity & Blessings"

One thing that is certain about life is that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. We must take advantage of every day that we get and we must live in the moment. I've spent many years trying to motivate and inspire people.

Sports have always been a part of me but it has never defined me. I am an eternal optimist and I try to always bring positivity into every situation.

The genesis for this book came out of a desire to share my journey of the adversities and blessings that I have experienced in my life. I have been underestimated from the time I was a little child and I have always enjoyed making believers out of non-believers and proving people wrong.

In each of you lies a burning desire to be great and all that it takes for you to live in that greatness is a belief in self. Whatever your current situation, just know that today is the beginning of the rest of your life. Things will not always go your way but that is a part of the journey.
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Bob Butts Long Time NFLPA Former Players Pittsburgh Chapter President Passes Away.

Bob Butts pictured second from left with former players from pro football’s Wheeling Ironmen

Robert “Bob” Wesley Butts, 75, of Wheeling and Benwood, WV, passed away on October 28, 2017 at Wheeling Hospital.

He was born on January 19, 1942 to the late Robert Alfred and Eva (Polus) Butts. He was preceded in death by his son, John Richard Butts.

Bob graduated from Benwood Union High School and played college football at the Ohio State University. He also played professional football with the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and the Wheeling Ironmen. 

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It's Meet Up season! Last week the NFLPA Detroit Chapter had their Meet Up at Eddie V's Prime Seafood Restaurant. We're traveling across the country to host events  in different chapter cities, so be sure to check out out to stay up to date on dates and locations. Join us for free food, drinks, and information about important NFLPA resources!
The NFLPA Chicago Chapter recently gathered together at Wise owl Drinkery & Cookhouse to socialize over food and drinks! Stay up to date on events coming to your area by checking out 

New Orleans

Saturday, November 4, 2017
2 - 6 pm | Central City BBQ


Thursday, November 9, 2017
6 - 10 pm | Landmark Theatre

South Florida

Thursday, November 9, 2017
7 - 9 pm | Twin Peaks Restaurant


Sunday, November 19, 2017
12 - 4 pm | Laurel Race Track

St. Louis
Thursday, November 30, 2017
6 - 9:30 pm | Gamlin Whiskey House


Thursday, November 9, 2017
7 - 10 pm | Lucky Strike Bellevue
RSVP by November 5



Thursday, November 9, 2017
7 - 10 pm | TopGolf Fishers
RSVP by November 5




Monday, November 13, 2017
6 - 9 pm | The Irishman Pub & Eatery
RSVP by November 7


Northern California

Monday, November 13, 2017
7 - 10 pm | Plank Oakland
RSVP by November 7



Thursday, November 16, 2017
7 - 10 pm | The Southern Kitchen & Bar
RSVP by November 7




Thursday, November 16, 2017
6 - 9 pm | Drago's Seafood Restaurant
RSVP by November 10


San Diego

Thursday, November 16, 2017
7 - 10 pm | Ballast Point Brewing Company
RSVP by November 10


New York/New Jersey

Monday, December 4, 2017
7 - 10 pm | TopGolf Edison
RSVP by November 27




Monday, December 4, 2017
5 - 8 pm | T Prime Steak & Seafood at Avalon Golf & Country Club
RSVP by November 27



Washington, D.C.

Thursday, December 14, 2017
7 - 10 pm | TopGolf Loudoun
RSVP by December 1



San Antonio/Austin

Thursday, November 2, 2017
7 - 10 pm | TopGolf Austin
RSVP by October 26



Northern California

Monday, November 13, 2017
7 - 10 pm | Plank Oakland
RSVP by November 6




Thursday, November 16, 2017
6 - 9 pm | Southern Restaurant Kitchen & Bar
RSVP by November 2



New York/New Jersey

Monday December 4, 2017
7 - 10 pm | TopGolf Edison
RSVP by November 10



"SCORE", Live Webinar! 
Small Business Virtual Conference

Webinar topics will include:

• Buying Attention in a Distracted World - Online Advertising: Learn best online marketing practices to make your business stand out.

• Hit the Refresh Button on Your Social Media Presence: In this session sponsored by Thryv, determine where to spend your time and energy on social media.

• 7 Crucial Moves to Master Everyday Employee Management: ComplyRight hosts this webinar on how to manage HR tasks without an HR specialist on staff.

• Succeeding in a Micro-Moments World: This Google-sponsored webinar provides tips on connecting with customers as soon as they find you online.

• 3 Steps to Building a Profitable Digital Brand: In this presentation, learn a process to build an online following, get more customers and close more deals.

• Small Business Start-Up Steps: Selecting a Business Entity, Income and Payroll Tax Decisions: Block Advisors explain how selecting a business structure impacts many areas of a business' finances.

Register Now

How You Can Become a Better Networker—Even if You're an Introvert

By Jonathan Blumberg

You might be stuck in the same cubicle for the rest of your life, or you might land the job of your dreams. Networking could make the difference.

But that doesn't mean you should approach a networking opportunity with the sole intent of personal gain. Instead, argues organizational psychologist Adam Grant, you should focus on serving others.

In his book, "Give and Take," he writes, "When we meet a new person who expresses enthusiasm about connecting, we frequently wonder whether he's acting friendly because he's genuinely interested in a relationship that will benefit both of us, or because he wants something from us."

It's usually not so hard to tell.

Unlike givers, he writes, takers approach networking with an attitude of "I'll do something for you, if you do something for me." Although "reciprocity is a powerful norm," it has its downsides, such as that people on the receiving end of an offer or a favor tend to sense that they are being manipulated.

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How Helping Others Can Relieve  Anxiety and Depression

Transitioning to life after football can be a very difficult time for former players. Being involved in your community and open to your loved ones can help you as you navigate this new terrain.

When we’re depressed, it’s hard to feel good about ourselves. We’re quick to see our own limitations and slow to remember our strengths. For example, people with depression are more likely to:


  • Blame themselves when something goes wrong.
  • Believe that other people don’t like them.
  • Feel a general sense of dislike for themselves.
  • Interpret their actions in the worst possible light.
  • Remember the mistakes they’ve made.
Low self-esteem is a significant predictor of future depression. On the flip side, our view of ourselves improves as depression improves, and increases in self-esteem during psychotherapy can prevent relapse into depression.

Thus finding ways to feel better about ourselves would appear to be one way to lift depression.
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Working America Enrollment
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The Caffeine 'Detox': How and Why to Cut Back on Your Daily Fix

By Lisa Drayer, CNN

Are you one of those people who can't get your day started without a cup of coffee?

Perhaps you need an espresso at work to keep you alert in the late afternoon. Maybe you grab energy drinks when cramming for an exam or late-night work project. Or maybe you have a habit of drinking caffeinated soft drinks.

Regardless of the form, an estimated 90% of the US population regularly consume caffeine, a stimulant and ingredient that has been enjoyed for thousands of years. It's not hard to do so, as caffeine is ubiquitous in our food supply, found in beverages, chocolate and pain medications, to name a few.

"Caffeine is the most commonly consumed psychoactive drug," said Mary M. Sweeney, an instructor who researches caffeine's effects on individuals in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. "When we consume caffeine, it has positive effects on mood and alertness, and people like these beneficial effects."

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How Brad Fichtel Used the Scholarship Award Benefit to Further His Career

Because of their role in the offense, centers are often referred to as the ‘smartest guys on the field’ in football. And in Brad Fichtel’s case, the range of responsibility he had to display as a center served to help him excel in his career after the NFL as a coach and teacher.

Fichtel spent time with the Rams, Redskins Cowboys before a knee injury forced him to explore options away from the NFL. But for players leaving the league in the 90s, resources for finding a new career outside of the game were limited.

“We didn’t have anything like The Trust or career transition help,” Fichtel said. “I fell back on football because it was what I knew - It's what I did. I started substitute teaching and coaching high school football in Texas. That lead to a full-time teaching job, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Fichtel’s excellence in the field of education was recognized by the NFL Alumni Association in 2012 when he was a finalist for the “NFL Teacher of the Year”, an award given annually to former players who have gone into teaching following their time in the league. His on-field experience also helped opened doors to the coaching world, which Fichtel said was a natural transition for him.


Former Player Services Department

We are "One Team",
built around a fraternity of former NFL Players who are aligned, connected and engaged, working together in life beyond football.


Nolan Harrison III, MBA
Senior Director
Lorenzo Kaufman
Senior Manager
Kate Bell
Terran Foster
I Am The Trust
Listen to former players who have used our services talk about their experiences with our partners and programs.
Duration: 3:58

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Health, Career, Education and Lifestyle Programs for Former Players.


Bahati VanPelt
Executive Director

Professional Athletes Foundation

Gene Upshaw Players Assistance Trust (PAT)
Helping players in need.

Andre' Collins
Executive Director
Tyrone Allen
Caryl Banks
Leslie Isler


NFLPA Benefits Department

Available to answer player benefits and insurance questions.

800-372-2000 x159

Miki Yaras-Davis
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NFL Player Benefits Office

Baltimore, MD
NFL Benefits Office for T&P, Disability, Plan 88, pension, second career, annuity and other benefits filing.

Former Player Life Improvement Plan

Joint replacement, discount prescription card, assisted living and more.
Lifetime Membership
Please update your contact information to earn your free lifetime membership and to learn more about what the Former Player Services Department offers our players. Renew your membership online through your profile page on or with the Membership Application

Thank you for your
commitment to the union
who has fought for, and will continue to fight for, our rare and special fraternity. You can also call the NFLPA and ask to speak with Membership Services at 800-372-2000 if you have any membership or internet questions.

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Player Emergency Help
NFL Get Help Hotline
Monetary grants for qualified vested former players experiencing hardships.
Off the Field is the national football player wives association 
Click HERE for more information on
Off The Field Players' Wives Association
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Save big and rock the latest NFLPA gear at the NFLPA One Team Shop.
Utilize our partnerships to move and ship efficiently with the following moving and relocation services:
 Save up to 34% on shipping costs with UPS.
Take advantage of endless resources with FedEx and FedEx Freight.
Learn about moving services from John Moyer at Moyer Sons & Moving Service by calling (800) 726-1817.
Escape to the  top luxury Alaska fishing lodge with access to the best fly fishing rivers and 5 star accommodations at Alaskan Sportsman's Lodge.
Check out countless opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature with a membership at the Union Sportsmen's Alliance. 
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To access the discount codes, sign in at

Transition Resources

Featured Partners

The YMCA believes in strengthening individuals and communities. With a presence in 10,000 neighborhoods across the country, the Y has the reach and ability to help you transition to life off the playing field.

All former players are eligible with an NFLPA Former Player Membership. 

To Access the Free 
YMCA Membership:
If you have 2 or more Credited Seasons
Click Here to Email The Trust
If you have less than 2 Credited Seasons
Click Here to Email the FPSD
Please include the player's name,  player's NFLPA ID number, YMCA name, and YMCA city and state. 

You will receive a confirmation email once the email is received. 

Health Partners

Video: Football Players Health Study at Harvard University
Partnering with Former Players: A Collaboration

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Business Mentoring

With over 13,000 volunteers in 347 chapters, SCORE has the expertise you need to succeed.

Use the Chapter Locator to find a SCORE office near you and request a free face to face mentoring meeting.


The NFLPA has partnered with Penn State World Campus to support the educational needs of NFLPA members. The World Campus offers more than 100 accredited graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, certificates, and minors.

Penn State ranked as the No. 1 institution in the nation for producing the best-prepared, most well-rounded graduates who are most able to succeed once hired, according to a survey by The Wall Street Journal.

Penn State World Campus offers NFLPA members a tuition reduction benefit for all degree and certificate programs. Learn more about how you can receive a top-quality education, completed at your convenience, from one of the world’s most renowned universities. 

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