Outside of rehabbing and focusing on getting back on the field, we know the Injured Reserve (IR) designation presents you with a good amount of free time. So in an effort to help you avoid binge watching Netflix for hours on end, here are the top 5 things you should do while on IR.

1) Connect with Your Union.
Download the NFLPA Teamworks app (iOS | Android), get involved with the first ever PAIR program, coordinate an office visit, talk with Benefits to stay up to date on all of your coverage, and make sure you’re aware of next steps, including filing for workers comp and receiving a second medical opinion if needed. (Email PlayerAffairs@NFLPA.com to get started.) In order to login to the app, you must activate your NFLPA.com website account as those will be your credentials to log into the app. 

2) Make a Spending Plan.
Do you have a plan in place to save for the offseason and your future? Regardless, register for Financial Finesse to access resources that will help you develop a spending plan and make sure you’re prepared for the future. Get started with the Budget Estimator.

3) Continue Your Education.
Whether you're looking to finish your bachelor’s, pursue a graduate degree, or look into a trade, now's the time to start taking your next steps to register for the Spring semester.

4) Job Shadow.
The skills that got you a job in the NFL can also get you one outside of it someday. Think about areas you might be interested in, find people in your area with the kind of experience you want some day, and reach out to set up a meeting before or after your rehab. There probably aren’t many people out there who would say no to meeting with an NFL player.

5) Serve Your Community.
Not only can serving your community make a big impact on others, but it can also lift your own spirits and provide you with great opportunities to expand your network. Not sure where to get started? Call Foundation Fundamentals (1-855-GIVE-123).

6) Boost Your Madden Ratings & Go for a Ride.
Don’t forget to get your Madden 17 and Uber codes once you download the NFLPA Teamworks app (iOS | Android). Go to “Forms” to get started.

To view more information and additional resources, visit www.NFLPA.com/Active-Players.

The second installment of our inaugural PAIR (Players Association Injured Reserve) program took place earlier this month. The program serves as both an educational and support resource for players who have been placed on Injured Reserve.

Check out the video below to hear what some of the participants learned from the workshops on wellness, leadership, finances and career development:


*Next Week: After suffering a season-ending Achilles injury during the preseason, Baltimore Ravens tight end and NFLPA Executive Committee Benjamin Watson shares wisdom from his second career stint on IR.