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Stay informed about the NFL drug policies so you can stay on the field, and learn how to extend your career by enhancing your performance on and off the field. 


Drug Policies

Everything you put into your workout and dietary regiment is all a part of your routine, aimed to keep you in elite condition. To stay on top of your game and on the field, remain informed on the NFL Policies on Substances of Abuse and Performance Enhancing Substances. 

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Check Your Stress

As an NFL player, you know many things in your life are subject to change. Whether good or bad, these adjustments can add stress to your life. Take five minutes to better understand your current level of stress, learn skills to manage stressors on and off the field, and ultimately maximize your performance in every area of your life. 

Check Your Stress

PAIR Program

If you’re on IR, you understand the different challenges and experiences that come with it. But, you’re not alone. The Players Association Injured Reserve Program (P.A.I.R) provides you with an opportunity to not only be productive during your recovery, but also share experiences with others going through similar challenges. Connect with peers, see what programs and resources are available to you and ensure you’re optimizing your time off the field as you gear up to get back on it!


Your Health

Your Mind, Your Body, Your Health provides a platform for players to share real experiences while debunking common myths and having the sometimes difficult conversations on mental and physical health. 

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Counseling Services

Regardless of what’s going on in your life, it’s nice to have an objective place to get support. Through your Cigna Employee Assistance Program (EAP), your insurance plan provides coverage for counseling services of all types, including grief and loss, couples counseling, and even counseling to help you maximize your performance on the field. Through the EAP, you have access to confidential, unlimited consultation by phone with a licensed clinician and up to 8 free counseling sessions per area of concern. 

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NFL Player Benefits

As an NFL player, you have access to several useful benefits for you and your family, including your 401k and pension plans, disability coverage and career tuition. See what else is available to you, what you can take advantage of right now and ensure you have a plan for the future for your family.


Insurance Plan

Although most on-field injuries are covered by your team, you and your family still have access to life, medical, prescription and dental insurance benefits covered through Cigna. As long as you were on the practice squad, appeared on at least one game-day roster or reached injury settlements for at least one regular game check, you and your family are eligible for these benefits.

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