What alternatives currently exist to serve the target audience identified in this project?
Benefits to the Applicant: Why is your organization interested in partnering with the NFLPA? Please individually list and discuss the benefits (monetary and nonmonetary) for your organization.
Benefits to the NFLPA: Please individually list and discuss the benefits (monetary and non‐monetary) for the NFLPA.
Plan of proposed partnership
Will your organization offer programs at reasonable and competitive costs for participants?
What is the availability of similar programs elsewhere in the community?
(i.e. nonprofit, LLP, LLC)
Physical Address, Phone, Fax, Email
How is the organization meeting the needs of the community?
Do the programs provide opportunities for current or former players?
What is your organization’s timeframe for decision making? Are there any external deadlines that the NFLPA should be aware of?
Please include initial plans for your concept, operations, projected costs and revenues, staffing, and/or any scheduling or maintenance needs, etc.
Including the date and description of the event, event budget, target audience and any beneficiaries (if applicable)
What is being proposed in terms of capital development, and program needs?
Please include what your organization proposes to provide and what is requested of the NFLPA.
Who will be responsible for acquiring and paying premiums on the policies?
Who will be the target audience? What is the projected number and profile of participants and/or beneficiaries who will be served?