While March marks the heart of the offseason for many across the NFL, this is the time when the players union truly gets down to business. The NFLPA’s Executive Committee along with 100+ player representatives gathered this week in Arizona for its annual meetings. Included on the agenda were a review of last year’s events, a health and safety discussion, a look at revenue growth and player proposals for how to better our union.

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NFLPA President, Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Tackle Eric Winston, kicked off our 2017 Player Representatives Meeting. He and other fellow player reps reported on how the NFLPA did this past year in several areas of interest.


NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith highlighted our advancements in health & safety since 2011, including electronic medical records and The Football Players Health Study at Harvard University.


Rep Meeting offers players a chance to weigh in on what's important to them and their teammates. This input is what drives the proceeding year's budget.


Specific breakout sessions between staff and players help the NFLPA pinpoint goals and focal points for the coming year.




Players vote on proposals for the future of the union and how we'll work with the league to put players first.


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